Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ok Universe, Enough is Enough!!

I am tired...not sick and tired, but just tired. I was just thanking the universe the other day that my life had become so calm and laid back that I rarely had to put a bra or real pants on...and then BAMMMM!!! The universe was like..."challenge accepted!"

I am sure that most of you know by now, but if you are not up to date on the Shepherd Family newsletter, I have two kids with broken arms.

Kameo was playing with Hunter and LulaBelle when she dove headfirst off of her bunk-bed. I didn't think she was actually hurt because she was only saying "owie" and not crying so I shrugged it off as a bump and nothing more.
Hunter carried her out of the room and told us she had fallen off the bed, I made him set her down and that was when I saw that her arm was obviously broken. Casey was freaking out and yelling this word and that, Caleb was standing quietly in the kitchen watching, Hunter was helping me get Kameo ready for transport to the hospital and Lucas was about 2 feet away from Kameo and I bawling and gagging.
Casey drove to the hospital and carried Kameo in while I kept her misshapen arm in my hand, all the while Mimi is telling anyone who will listen that she fell off her bed and broke her arm. They get us back pretty quick, and give her a dose of what I presume was Motrin. The X-ray tech comes and get Kameo and I and it is immediately clear from the pictures that her arm was VERY broken.
The nurse comes to our room within minutes of the X-ray results and informs us that both her bones in her arm are broken and that our best option at that point was to let them sedate her and set the bones back into place, splint her arm and then we would have to follow up with Ortho to further treatment.
The contraptions that they use for setting bones looked like they were created during medieval times and very scary looking.
Dr. Smith came in , assessed the situation, informed us of the procedure, and then it was chaos (for me, not for the hospital staff). There was all of a sudden a room full of staff, some putting oxygen on her, some placing electrodes in specific places, some at the computer entering data and Casey and I were in the corner in tears...Kameo...not a single tear. Casey and I had enough time to walk through the hallway of the ER, out into the waiting room, grab a drink and sit down, and then staff was calling our names to come back to be with Kameo. It was incredibly fast.
Dr. Smith was amazing and the bones were beautifully set.
The following week Kameo was in to get her real cast and the bones had slipped slightly, so the Ortho doctor had to push her bones back into place...again...Kameo was all smiles and not a single tear was shed. Dr was amazed at how strong she was.

Today we got our pink cast off, took an x-ray and decided that it would be safer to keep a cast on for another couple of weeks to make sure that the bones are good and strong and healed...the last thing we need is for her to fall and re-break her arm.

So as if life is crazy enough with one child with an injury, lets add another.....

Caleb went to the skate park on Monday with a friend, and when he came home he informed us that he hurt his wrist bad enough that he thought he may have broken it. Into the ER I go.....again..for the 2nd time in 3 weeks. After an x-ray we were told that there were no defined breaks but it was very possible that he fractured his scaphoid, so he is splinted up and we meet with his doctor tomorrow to arrange his next x-ray.

So, as if the universe wasn't funny enough giving me two kids with broken limbs, I also have a very sick husband at home, and anyone who knows Casey knows that when he gets sick, he is gruuuuuumpy and be around...oh I am sure he is miserable too, but probably not as miserable as the rest of us are when he gets a bug. I am seriously considering moving in with my mommy until he gets better and I can find where I misplaced my sanity.

School......or lack there of.......

I am struggling...(not sure that struggling is a strong enough word.....ugh, we'll stick with struggling I guess) to find a reason or motivation to see this class that I am taking all the way through. I think I may have touched a little bit on this in my last blog, but just a short recap....I have run out of funding for my bachelors program and therefore will be withdrawing from Colorado Technical University with only 14 classes and my Capstone left. I was devastated at first, and then I accepted it, and have moved on, kind of. I still have to take this one last class otherwise I will have to pay back what was already paid in student loans and the pell grant for this quarter. So I am faced with this class (that I have already taken for my AAS by the way) and I have to try and keep up with it for the next five weeks, all the while running kids to this doctor and that doctor and trying to get the right over the counter meds to get the husband back up and running at back to work so that I get busy on de-grossing the house of his sickness.

I just have to mention a couple of things...

1)..I LOVE the doctors that I have been dealing with

         a.) Dr. Smith at Mercy Emergency Room is a rock star and he even called us to check up on                       Kameo and ask how she was feeling.

         b.) Dr. John Roth at Umpqua Community Health Clinic in Roseburg is AMAZING and                             thorough and listens to a mother and her silly questions.

         c.) Dr. Amelia Roth at Umpqua Community Health Clinic in Roseburg is AMAZING and                         thorough and listens to a mother and the child.

          d.) Dr. Sexton at Mercy Orthopedics in Roseburg is nice and has my 5 year olds best interest at                heart.

2)  I love Lysol and how it makes me feel like I am actually getting rid of the icky's

3) I love that I have a wonderful and dear friend that I can call and ask her if our medical situations are cause enough for an emergency room trip and she tells me what to do at home to avoid sick crowds of people.

4) I love sushi lunch dates with my beautiful g-friends (and their beautiful offspring, who I am rather fond of)

5)) I love cabinets, shelving, boxes, containers, and canvas totes. I cannot explain my love for these items, but I love them. I think it's because with them, things in my house are finally finding a place where they "belong", and who doesn't love the feeling of "belonging" some place, am I right?

 6) I love because without them, I would not be able to see my computer screen right now and they offer me the cutest glasses that I can actually afford.

7) Last but not least, I love Jenny Lawson. I think that everyone in the entire world should go to their local library and rent "Lets Pretend This Never Happened" BUT, it must be on AUDIO!!!

Ok, I am done blogging...forever and ever.......It's been fun, but I have run out of things to talk about and my life is too boring to even create make believe things to, with love, I say, Goodbye!!

Just kidding, did you miss me?

Ok, but seriously, I am done blogging...for the night!

I wish you all peace and blessings,

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